Fireworks: A Poem

We shot up like fireworks into the night sky And lost sight of where we were to end up. Collided into one another And exploded into a fusion of our shades. Wandered heedlessly on roads untraveled Until the limits became our paths. You were the panic in my calm, Our world above the invisible clouds….

Fantasies for Nightmares: A Poem

Maybe my heart stopped beating the way it used to when I saw you But that doesn’t mean I loved you any less. Maybe my bulletproof walls kept shooting up like a defense mechanism But that doesn’t mean I lost faith in our timelessness. Maybe I cry every time you embrace me But that’s only…

Whispers of a Hurricane: Part 3 of 3

Just when I thought I was done for, the Armageddon gods began striking down their wrath once more. The sound of distant thunder snapped me out of my stupor as my body lurched forward involuntarily. I whimpered into the ground, the snow muffling my voice. If only I could see her once more… just one…

Whispers of a Hurricane: Part 2 of 3

All around me was nothing but isolation. Every front door was latched shut, all windows curtained. Silence consumed the white night and for a moment, I wondered if anyone even realized what was happening right outside their locked doors. I was sure all news channels were scrutinizing over the unnerving weather changes yet no one cared to even gaze out through their windows. They needed to know that the end was at least beautiful.

Whispers of a Hurricane: Part 1 of 3

A chill crept up my spine, causing reality to slyly bleed into my dreams. A nightmare of vines laying claim to my hide slowly transformed into whips of ice water smothering me to death. However, death, in this regard, meant an escape from the nightmares. Yet it didn’t stop me from making sure that all my body parts were intact in reality as soon as I woke up. It also didn’t stop me from instantly feeling the vacuum she had left in her wake. Or the storm crystallizing right outside the building.

Roars of Defeat: A Poem

Halt the venom spewing from my guts, Looking back I see the array of flames I left in the wake of my sorrow.   Like a thwarted sentry staggering through the carnage of warfare Stripping out of the laurels of honor I donned so far.   Now the defeated roar of a warrior, a paragon…

Letters From The Museum Of Pain: Triggers

I saw a post somewhere that told me to “write the thing I am most afraid to write” and this is what I was able to make of that. This is kind of an unusual post, I should warn you. I don’t know if I’d call them triggers but if I am, then this particular…

Solace: A Poem

The undeniable truth of the puncture wound With my gold-flecked blood seeping out of it Is that it wasn’t triggered by a broken heart But the fact that it forgot to be solaced by love. – Rubani Kaur Photography Credit: Unknown

Thunder: A Poem

She is the hurricane in the wake of serenity. She can make miracles out of a lost cause. She is the bright place in the dusk of despair. She builds citadels beneath raging wars.   She has the ability to heal hearts of glass. She would drift like a wind through Charybdis and Scylla. She’d…

Caricatures In The Wind: A Poem

Is it possible that I’m getting too weary to mutilate myself, Incapable of substituting the ache with the pain? Perhaps old scars are getting harder to hide, So I won’t conspire with the wounds that stopped healing years ago. The touch still hurts, the memory resurfaces like a ticking time bomb But my battle armor…

Beholder: A Poem

I scoped every inch of your skin, My fingers traced over those fading scars. I scattered warm kisses over the wounds And I saw my reflection in your retinas. I could never see myself the way you saw me, There was unmistakable awe in your every glance. You were the beholder, I your beauty, And…

Weathering the Chaos: A Poem

Wicked thoughts confess their transgressions today.   Unkempt scars sneak up like beasts of prey.   Entombed idols rest silent in evanescent eulogies.   Unfailing co-conspirators lose their footing between infinitesimal crannies.   The absinthial ale of rancid acrimony snaking down my veins.   Bittersweet relics of mixtapes and ticket stubs locked up in chains….