Weathering the Chaos: A Poem


Wicked thoughts


their transgressions today.


Unkempt scars

sneak up

like beasts of prey.


Entombed idols

rest silent

in evanescent eulogies.


Unfailing co-conspirators

lose their footing

between infinitesimal crannies.


The absinthial ale

of rancid acrimony

snaking down my veins.


Bittersweet relics

of mixtapes and ticket stubs

locked up in chains.


I lie awake,

Mouth agape,

Eyes fluttering open and shut.

I have a choice to make,

Hearts to break,

But in the chaos of it all

the echoes of embellished wind chimes

might save me after all.

– Rubani Kaur

Photography Credit: Arun Thomas


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