She Whispered Beauty: A Poem


“Twinkling fireflies,

Cascading waterfalls,

Double rainbows

And a glass bridge.

Corporeal constellations,

Fountains of youth,

Winged miracles

And a pacific escape.”

All the things that would save me,

They said.

There’s life after death,

They said.

Like storks deliver life,

Ravens transport us to our graves.

Perhaps not in this world

But in a parallel universe

We originate.

There’s much to look forward to,

They said.

So I fostered every firefly I glimpsed,

Worshipped every drop of liquid,

I loved not one but all colors

And I counted stars every day.

I let myself grow old

As my mind stood still.

My lovers cut my feathers

But I taped them once again.

When I depart, I swear,

The skies won’t be gray.

It’s time to look for

The things that will save me.

There’s hope after death,

I say.

– Rubani Kaur

Photography Credit: Matheus Bertelli


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