Echoes of Despair: A Poem


Echoes of despair

Inhabit those ephemeral cavities.

Every speck of focus

Ferrets out perpetual autonomy.

Mere whispers make

Her hands tremble,

And the silence

Robs her of the air she breathes.

No one sees the tears

When she needs them to.

All departed survival instincts

Amalgamate into cacophony.

The monster subsisting

Within the margins of her mind,

A vapor of darkness, a cataclysm,

A catastrophe,

The perfect alarm clock for

A reminder of self-harm,

The very paragon of


He softly breathes

Into her ears,

Reaching for the stars

Is the most fatal fantasy.

Slash harder, dig deeper,

Hack away your skin.

Calling the future a beautiful thing

Is a major fucking fallacy.

Imprisoning her innocence,

Shackling her vivacity,

Taking complete control of

All the strings that guide her,

Dark-circled bloodshot eyes

Cackle wildly,

Yelling, “Your powerless cries

Uplift my voiceless symphony.

Even as he says it,

She already knows the truth.

I’ll rest beneath your grave till you

Become a prey of mortality.

– Rubani Kaur

Photography Credit: Unknown

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