Depths: A Poem


Breathe in the salty ocean air

And let yourself drown in the quicksand of emotion.

Let the oxygen flow through your veins

Until your pallid skin has lost all composure.

Learn to survive within the confines of your

Vainglorious quintessence.

Bury your specter under the seabed,

Far from all the commotion.

Rise a soulless abomination

And surrender your fears to the unknown.

Cough out the words you forcefully

Lodged deep into your throat.

Now pick up the broken shards of their

Vainglorious quintessence.

Breathe in again the copper-scented air,

And let the sorrow be subdued

By your infamous transgressions.

And when you finally finish your unfinished business,

Rest among the ghosts of your Rapture.

– Rubani Kaur

Photography Credit: Unknown

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