Remedied: A Poem


The sudden birth of grief knocked the breath right out of her.

She fell to the cold floor as her knees gave in,

And she crawled into a ball on the bathroom floor.

The tears escaped, helpless.

“Pathetic!” she yelled. “So pathetic.”

Contumacious beads of pain

Pooled upon the lonely marble,

Leaving her isolated and all alone.

Her hands trembled with the need,

The need to hold her friend,

Her friend who swore to make her feel

When she needed to feel again.

And so she stood up, resolute and tenacious,

“One last time, I swear I’ll stop. Just let me breathe again.”

And with that, she grabbed the remedial poison,

Let the elixir take over her senses.

Everything blurred out for a second

As she contently inhaled her final breath.

– Rubani Kaur

Photography Credit: Unknown

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