I’m a Murderer/Save Me: A Poem


Sins keep piling on

Over my guileless body.

Where did I lose my way

And end up taking life after life?

I met a stranger and fell in love,

But that love felt like a prison.

Now, my blood-stained hands remind me

Of the carpet of torment I wove myself.

Now, my mind is urging me to forget.


Soon, my skin will stop crawling

With the sensations of the living dead.

Soon, I will stop living… Dead.

Capture my long-lost innocence.

Bring me home.

Because I remember which turns to take

To escape this labyrinth.

I just can’t seem to let go.

So, reignite those faded retinas

With a candescent blackness only you possess.

Find my relegated soul

And inject it into my veins.

Make me pure again.

– Rubani Kaur

Photography Credit: Unknown

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