Wind Chimes: A Poem


“I found this memory,”

She said to the jingling chimes,

“Just floating around in my skull

Of a time when I was very young,

I had this old scarf and my thoughts with me.

My fanciful imagination was still alive back then.

I can’t seem to remember why I did it,

But that incident is as vivid

As the last time you kissed me.

It was just a game for me,

Not an attempt to escape.

But the knot was a little too firm

And I almost choked on my mistake.”

He had heard a million stories

Of the hurt she’d caused herself

But he was gone now and so was she.

The wind chimes replied with a soft clinking.

She smiled and whispered,

“I wish I’d died right then.”

– Rubani Kaur

Photography Credit: Unknown

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