Not The Happy Ending You Wanted: A Poem


Not to immortalize her memory

But to forget her very existence,

He confronted every fragment she left

Of a supposed happily-ever-after,

Because who cares what happens after

The last act of a chronicle?

We all stopped reading at “The End”,

While he began to struggle

Underneath the love she rained over him.

Because deep down he knew

The darkness has to leave for the sun to rise.

And she had ceased to levitate.

So he fabricated lies and annihilated

Her entire world,

Imprinted nostalgia and animosity

On the world they had assembled together.

When he crept out from beneath the sheets

And stumbled towards the windowpane,

He saw a sunrise he had never seen before,

A sunrise that didn’t exist.

– Rubani Kaur

Artwork Credit: Unknown

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