First: A Poem


They say you only relish the first bite of your food,

Only feel it synthesize within your bloodstream

For one evanescent moment.

Our entire life is a series of first bites, I believe.

We always cherish those initial instants

Until they peter out.

The first words I uttered, trivial prattles,

Were adored and emblazoned in a baby book.

My diffident confessions of love and animosity

Were ingested on their genesis and then trudged over.

My reckless ventures were embraced by applause

Until they became ordinary endeavors.

My heart was fashioned with care and compassion

Before the crimson bled out from the pores

And the murky ebony was found.

It is only the beginnings that hold value, I’ve learnt,

Only the commencement and the origin of it all.

What we fabricate over the foundation

Is a mere aesthetic protocol.

– Rubani Kaur

Photography Credit: Unknown

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