Time to Walk Away: A Poem


Love, we were meant to fall apart…

Didn’t you read what the scribes etched for us

In those wretched manuscripts?

Didn’t you see what was right in front of you

While I wasted away?

I had always believed that I had shattered you,

Always wondered how I had damaged you.

And now, look at me…

My unresponsive body is bleeding out

Within the very four walls I called home.

My unblemished skin is getting branded

With the scars of anguish and sorrow.

My heart…


My heart which once bristled with crimson

Is now turning frail and cold.

I can’t seem to feel us anymore.

I can’t seem to breathe… anymore.

I can’t seem to go on shrouded within this putrid body


So, love,

I’m sorry if I hurt you

But I’m hurting so much more.

The world just doesn’t seem to realize

That pain isn’t a consequence of tragedy,

It is an ingredient of love.

– Rubani Kaur

Artwork Credit: Unknown

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