Scarred Love: A Poem


He had loved her for years

But he had never before seen the scars,

No one really had,

Because no one perceived the farce.

So when he stroked her palm

And made his way up to her wrist,

She winced and trembled

As he realized his ignorance.

He could never really see

Through her palpable attributes,

So as he rolled up her sleeves

He uncovered a cryptic world of solitude.

“Do you look at me differently,

Now that you see?”

Her voice was betraying

Her once tenacious certainty.

He was completely shaken up

By the inconceivable reality,

But he still looked into her eyes

With a faint look of joviality.

“I do look at you differently

But that doesn’t change the fact

That I still love you like I always have

And that love is still intact.”

– Rubani Kaur

Artwork Credit: Unknown

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