The Inception: A Poem


I asked you, ‘How did this begin?

When did we enter this World of Marvels?

How did we cross the Canyon of Facades?

Where did we leave our broken masks?

You smiled a little, that’s what I believe,

And scoffed at your obliviousness.

I remember my curiosity got the best of me,

So I approached the girl I had never met.

There are so many things I could say to you,

So many labels I could use to describe your guise.

You seemed as clear as falling water

But you were as ferocious as a blizzard’s might.

It seems I was destined to make the wrong decision

In order to collide with your comforting strength,

But then again, I was destined to walk away

And come back to you again and again.

What had my world been like before I met you?

I had been looking at life through a thick-rimmed sight,

And then you primed me with the truth of what you find

When you open treasures that were never meant to be unearthed.

I let the little things break me down,

You let yourself get hurt as you cemented the cracks.

I held my breath and let myself drown,

You chose to suffocate yourself just to bring me back.

Don’t think I don’t see what I’m doing to your thunder.

I’m too immersed in my brokenness, I forget about you.

I wish I could escape from our World of Marvels

So that you can go back to being… you.

Maybe, all I need to do is find the Canyon,

Follow the breadcrumbs to our inception.

Maybe, all you need to do is shove me away

And I will cease to be the ultimate affliction.

All you have to do is close those beautiful eyes of yours,

Breathe the air that cloaks those Alps,

Hold me tight like you always do,

And let me go once and for all into the endless chasm.

– Rubani Kaur

Photography Credit: Unknown

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