Magic: A Story


She was magic. Everything about her was magic.

He would always come home exhausted and disheartened. Rarely had good days. Not because his job made him miserable, no, he loved his job. He had put his heart and soul into this and he had succeeded. But then again, he rarely had good days.

He reclined on the couch and sighed deeply. Probably dozed off for seven seconds and then decided to look at the time. It was nearly nine.

‘Clara!’ he groaned. No one replied. He forced himself up and then sighed again.

He went into the kitchen and glanced at the items in the refrigerator. He deeply examined the bottle of beer, grabbed it and closed the refrigerator.

‘What do you think you’re doing?’

He looked at her and then looked down immediately. ‘Just one.’

She observed him cautiously.

‘I need something, Clara,’ he said helplessly.

‘Put it back,’ she said. ‘I brought pizza!’

He smiled.

Both of them ate pizza that night despite the fact that Clara had always hated cheese. She ingested the food like it was some sort of medicine but she knew how much he loved it. And she knew how much he needed love.

They were both lying in bed, trying to sleep. Well, only Clara was. Eliot knew how hard it was to discover sleep, so he just let it come to him. He would just stare up at the ceiling until sleep abducted him.

‘Eliot,’ she whispered.


‘You still awake?’

‘Of course.’

She kept her hand on his shoulder and made him look at her. She smiled at him and then kissed him. Only he knew how he longed for the way she kissed him when he was down. Only he knew how it lit up parts of him that had never seen anything but darkness.

‘You’re okay,’ she said.

She stroked his skin which had turned pale because of the pain he felt inside. She ran her fingers through his hair which had already begun to thin. She kissed him again.

‘You’re okay.’

And he was okay because she was magic.

– Rubani Kaur

Artwork Credit: Unknown

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