Fade Into The Spotlight: A Poem


She breathes in and then out,

Repeats this ritual twice.

She gracefully walks forward

And assumes her stance.

And when they call out her name

And the curtains rise,

She refuses to face the audience.

All she sees is the spotlight,

Her best friend

During the two and a half minute performance

She gives every night.

The music invades her ears

And she moves her body

Along with the gusts of melodies

That overpower her muscles.

The spotlight follows the beautiful puppet

As she loses complete control

Of her existence.

She doesn’t even want to operate her body

Because she doesn’t feel like a captive.

She feels like a dove.

The dove sways along with the composition,

Along with the flowing river.

She dips, twirls and then rises,

Rises above the world.

She inhales the music

And realizes

She is the world.

– Rubani Kaur

Photography Credit: Unknown

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