A Very Thin Line: A Poem


I saw her crying through the looking glass,

I could almost sense her pain.

I knocked at the door of her misery

And somehow, seemed to ignite it even more.

She isn’t pretty like the other girls,

Not really.

She isn’t even beautiful,

Because these days they define true beauty

By the fifty shades of your color.

And yet, she won’t go to the store next door,

She loathes the concept of cosmetics,

She’d rather lie under the cosmic entities

In the cosmetic sky above.

She always liked the idea of a starry sky

And yet, she’d never seen one,

Not fully adorned anyway.

Just a twinkle here, another there

But never a dark sky full of bright stars.

She was weeping

Because two baby birds had died

Even before they got to unfurl their wings.

Two fictional baby birds had died

In a fictional television show

About a fictional life.

And yet, she cried her heart out,

Because apparently, you can’t cry your soul out.

If she could, she would’ve sold it to the Devil

Because then she wouldn’t need to cry anymore.

I knock again and rattle the door,

I break it down to nothingness.

She looks at me with weary eyes

Through the looking glass,

The one impediment to our ultimate unification.

I sense the tears streaming down my face now

And it’s then that I realize

I hadn’t seen a mirror in a while.

– Rubani Kaur

Artwork Credit: Unknown

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