The Fault in My Heart: A Poem


I ripped out my heart to see what was wrong,

To find the faults of that scarlet pump.

I scrutinized and examined and tore it to pieces,

Only to find that my heart was but a blend of traces.

They warned me not to go too far,

“If you lose your way, you better stay afar.”

But the stars always said I was a zealous one,

I couldn’t back out after I had done so much.

So yes, I cut it out, I tore out my own heart

And it’s true that I chose to peel its skin off

Because I was so curious to find an explanation

As to why my heart never felt any elation.

Those words still whisper in the back of my head,

Now, penitently, I wish I had regarded them.

If I had halted when all of them wanted me to halt,

I would have never swayed off the path and become lost.

My heart would still be beating within my body

But of course, it would only be pumping with blood.

For years ago, my heart had failed to comprehend

That I couldn’t function without its contentment.

And the most painful truth of my life is

I couldn’t even find a simple explanation.

– Rubani Kaur

Artwork Credit: Unknown

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