The Walls Between Us: A Poem


There is a wall between us,

One that can’t be broken.

And as I bang against the glass with my fists

I realize what has been forsaken.

My voice won’t reach you,

Your gaze won’t meet mine,

Our words won’t be heard,

Those memories won’t shine.

I glare at my shattered palms,

Red as red could be.

I gaze into your eyes,

Green as the unwavering sea.

Where is the joy you promised me?

Where is the affection we saved?

Where are the stars we gaped at?

Where are the storms we braved?

There is a wall between us,

One that can’t be splintered.

But then you open your arms and say,

“What we have cannot be withered.”

A certain delight overcomes me,

That is all I needed to hear.

But I don’t know how to reach you,

Oh, I looked everywhere.

There is a wall between us,

One that won’t let us unite.

The wall is coming in closer,

My head is feeling light.

And I bang with my fists again,

Harder this time.

You scream out my name

But it’s in vain, there’s no time.

There was a wall between us,

One that is now gone, faded.

I fought with all that I had

But death cannot be evaded.

You are crying wildly,

Calling out my name,

Cursing the God above

But there is no one you can blame.

I wish I could wake up,

Wake up and say,

“I’m sorry, I miss you.

It shouldn’t have been this way.”

There was a wall that endured it all

The power of love and sacrifice.

It carried away everything with it,

We lost our paradise.

I will never know if what we had

Was, indeed, the thing they call love.

Because I lived forever in the ground below

As you tried to find me above.

– Rubani Kaur

Artwork Credit: Unknown

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