Puddle Jumping: A Poem


We were in the playground,

Just a couple of sixteen-year olds.

They told us we were grown-ups,

We believed it, too.

But I guess, it was too grave,

This assumption for me was too unbelievable.

I was an actual grown-up

But I didn’t want to be anymore.

So this weird idea arose in my head

And before I could do something,

My friend leaped up high and then

Splashed into a puddle of water

And my clothes turned filthy wet

For she had probably lost her mind,

I was willing to believe I, too, had.

So we all lost our marbles

And like little kids we decided

To jump high up in the sky

And land on our feet in murky puddles.

I guess, puddle jumping was something

I had never tried.

– Rubani Kaur

Photography Credit: Unknown

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