“OKAY”: A Poem

Why do I chase after pain?

Or is it pain that chases after me?

This is my unsung predicament,

A weapon that strangles my glee.

I wonder if something is wrong, so I

Look for a diagnosis to analyze me.

But Google, Wikipedia,

Even Psychology Today,

They all tell me I’m perfectly “okay”.

Strange word, isn’t it?

I’m okay,” we keep saying.

But are we, really, “okay”?

We use these emoticons every day

But is there one for being okay,

Because if it were, I’d use it all the time

So that I could tell everyone that I was “okay”.

Because there isn’t an emoticon

Of broken pieces,

So I’d rather lie my way

Because they will believe it.

So here it goes, my daily dictum

I am perfectly okay.”

– Rubani Kaur

Illustrated by: Unknown

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