The Colorful Game of “Charades”


Perfection is a lie. Flawlessness is a mere façade. We are all products of our imperfections. I am a product of my countless imperfections.

How strange!

People keep telling me to look for the positives, to find the silver lining. And I, too, keep telling people that. But this hypocritical attitude of mine is truly frustrating. So here goes nothing. I confess that even though I try to inspire people by making them look for the silver linings, I am not that perfect either. In fact, the only things I see when I look into the mirror are the imperfections on my skin and in my heart.

A new zit, another blemish on my face. I see them whenever the mirror faces me and every time that I do, they bother me.

My heart’s imperfections, my heart’s wrongdoings. They constantly knock at the door of my conscience and every time that they do, it bothers me.

Yes, we are all imperfect but maybe, we are also liars, playing a game of Charades every time we step out of our house, just so we can hide those imperfections. I do that, I confess. And maybe, so do you.

I won’t ask you to stop because I know you won’t. Because I won’t either. Because that is who we are.

Again, I say. How strange!

All our lives we keep searching for meaning while actually living a meaningless life because what was born and what lived and what will die are three different things, three different lives. Which life’s meaning are we looking for?

– Rubani Kaur

Photography Credit: Yours Truly

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